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A true wrist machine: Graham Silverstone RS Racing

Graham launches a new generation of wrist machines dedicated to speed and intensity. The track-focused trilogy perfectly blends into the tough racing environment. Completed with racing coloured dials that recall car dashboards and tire tread rubber straps, each watch carries its own energy and confident dimension. The chronographs feature a tachymeter function and a day-date at 3 o’clock for a more precise time measurement.

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Hublot Classic Fusion House of Mandela

Hublot pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

Hublot has decided to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela by unveiling the Hublot Classic Fusion House of Mandela. It is a homage both to his exceptional character, and to the legacy that he has left to not only his family, but humanity as a whole. Hublot worked together with the House of Mandela foundation created by the family of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner,

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