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Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk “Tropical”

Black, blue and orange. Girard-Perregaux clearly wants the new Sea Hawk to be noticed. Not only this new model that is but the whole range of Hawk diving watches. A collection that has been around for quite a while but could do with a little bit more appreciation we think.

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The intriguing world of straps

...the world of straps for watches is an intriguing one! I've always loved accessorising my watches with different straps to suit my mood or the occasion. I'd discovered a brand that made items from decommissioned "fire hose" and bought a belt, anyway years on they've collaborated with a company in Cyprus, Localtime, and made some bespoke watch straps is varying sizes to suit different watches.

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Edox Hydrosub is resurfacing

Edox launched the Hydro Sub in 1965, a stunning diving watch, water resistant to 500 meters. Now Edox is presenting the new incarnation of this watch, the Hydro Sub North Pole Limited of which 350 pieces will be produced. The watch will be worn by world champion free diver Christian Redl (the Iceman) during his expedition to the North Pole in February 2015.

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