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Summer holiday watches for the world traveller

Whatever the ideal holiday is depends on personal preferences. But one thing is certain: with the right travel companion on your wrist your well-deserved holiday really starts. So below we give you three options if you are a world traveller.

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Omega Road Trip

Oh what fun we had when we rode around in that camo-colored Aston Martin Cygnet, scouting for decent locations. We really didn't need neither Cygnet nor locations as the watches we brought were the real heroes of the day: Omega Seamasters. Not only the newly presented Seamaster 300, but also a couple of Aqua Terras.

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Baume & Mercier Hampton: a trip down memory lane

Just about 20 years ago, Baume & Mercier introduced the Hampton collection, an elegantly shaped rectangular watch. And it was 20 years ago a close friend of mine bought one that made a huge impression on me. Now there are two new models to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Hampton. A first impression.

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