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New maestro’s for Raymond Weil

Yes, Elie Bernheim is the new maestro directing Raymond Weil. But there is also a new Maestro in the homonymous watch collection. The Maestro Phase de Lune shows the faces of the moon in a window. In the side of the steel case (44mm) four push buttons are embedded to correct month, date, moon phase and day. Nice detail: the day of the month is indicated by a hand with a crescent moon as its tip.

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Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk “Tropical”

Black, blue and orange. Girard-Perregaux clearly wants the new Sea Hawk to be noticed. Not only this new model that is but the whole range of Hawk diving watches. A collection that has been around for quite a while but could do with a little bit more appreciation we think.

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The intriguing world of straps

...the world of straps for watches is an intriguing one! I've always loved accessorising my watches with different straps to suit my mood or the occasion. I'd discovered a brand that made items from decommissioned "fire hose" and bought a belt, anyway years on they've collaborated with a company in Cyprus, Localtime, and made some bespoke watch straps is varying sizes to suit different watches.

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