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Kristian Haagen column: Entertain me!

0024 reporter Kristian Haagen went to a horological presentation at a famous watch brand together with a group of journalists from around the world. There the press officer went into details about a new calibre, indicating that this was a new in-house movement. Saying 'in-house' is a dangerous word. Especially because it is only the very few watch brands that actually offers a true in-house movement.

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True (Rolex) icons

Not many watch houses have the distinction of being home to so many icons. The term is sometimes used rather frivolously, but in the case of Rolex the word icon applies to a large number of models. Icons go beyond individual tastes; they are what they are, and descriptions like “beautiful” or “ugly” no longer apply because we are dealing with a fait accompli.

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Nearly everyone is occasionally assailed by nostalgia. The sense of having lost something important or cherished and the longing for that item or time are perfectly normal emotions. A Rolex GMT from the 1980s is a reminder of a safe and careless youth, daydreams about – undoubtedly – magnificent adventures, the complete absence of disillusionment. The watch houses cleverly respond to such emotions by reissuing yesterday's hits in a “remix”.

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Allow us to introduce: Visitor Watch Co.

A new ambitious brand with an equally ambitious owner. Visitor Watch Co. is the brainchild of American Phil Rodenbeck and the Calligraph Duneshore is the first model to see the light of day. Among other things the 44mm watch stands out because of its Sandwich Dial with embossed indicators and its super-smooth, shiny polished case.

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