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Kristian Haagen loves watches. So much that he can’t stop talking about them. He has been a timegeek since he was ten years old. Never good at playing soccer he turned to the windows of his local watch maker and fell in love with the horological industry. He has written four books on watches, has published thousands of watch related articles in International media and works as watch estimater for auction house Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers.

Patek Philippe – 175th anniversary (continued)


Yes. Of course there was more. When you celebrate your 175th anniversary you don't just stop with the main course. You must serve dessert too. And Patek Philippe did just that. And then some. The already mentioned ref. 5175 was of course a show-stopper. But the ref. 5275 Chiming Jump Hour of platinum was also worth taking a closer look at. So I did.

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Patek Philippe 175th anniversary: ref. 5175 Grandmaster Chime

Patek Philippe ref. 5175 Grandmaster Chime

How do you celebrate your 175th birthday, when already enjoying world domination as the most coveted watch brand? First of all you send out exclusive personal invitations by courier to the most influential journalists in the world, book them on a luxurious hotel in Geneva and wine and dine them while explaining what Patek Philippe is all about and show one spectacular anniversary piece after the other, each celebrating the micro mechanical expertise that the birthday child is so famous for.

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Blame it on Hublot: your opinion please


Hublot gave birth to a whole new generation of horological communication. Today we see novelties from most of the brands attending SIHH at the Watches & Wonders in Asia in September as well as new models are presented through out the year on top of the promoted gallas, sports events and new ambassadors introductions. Am I just a grumpy old fart not appreciating the constant flow of new stuff or are the Swiss watch companies in danger of drowning in their own success? What is your opinion?

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The Skull Artist Timothy John


There´s a talented man in Australia. Generous too. His name is Timothy John. And talented Mr. John wrote me an email asking if he could do a unique hand-painted skull dial for my bronze Montres-Militaire. But of course he could! I would be proud to wear his art on my wrist. But what is it that Timothy does and why is he painting dials?

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Irrational product? Indeed!


I recently watched an older video clip of Mr. George Kern, CEO of IWC (see below), where he mentions his watches (and Hermes bags too) as irrational products. Some of the Facebook responses to the video clip, were rather harsh, calling him "arrogant" and even "mocking his costumers". Am I an "idiot" as one of the responses of the Facebook thread suggest, since I collect watches?

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When provenance outshines condition


Recently Antiquorum in New York offered a Rolex Sea-Dweller Double Red ref. 1665 Mark 1 and when the hammer hit the third time the new owner had to cough up almost 184.000 dollars. Of course it is not rare that we see vintage Rolex watches reach high results when offered on auctions. But usually the condition of the expensive pieces are also expected to be...well, decent at least.

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