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Opinions are like onions, but we really don’t have a clue why. All we know is that our editors all have their own personal view at watches, brands and the industry. In our Timegeeks section you find personal insights, melancholic recollections and other random thoughts and opinons.

Thoughts about the poor


Recently, I read an interview with Karl Lagerfeld in Monocle. In it, he tells Tyler Brûlé that, in terms of what he does for Chanel, he “does not work with the poor”. Lagerfeld, being a prominent fashion designer, is, of course, talking about the fashion industry. However, it could easily be a quote from a high-end Swiss watch manufacturing CEO, seeing as the costs in the Swiss watch industry are very high, causing the watches to become pretty pricy themselves.

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Kristian Haagen column: Entertain me!


0024 reporter Kristian Haagen went to a horological presentation at a famous watch brand together with a group of journalists from around the world. There the press officer went into details about a new calibre, indicating that this was a new in-house movement. Saying 'in-house' is a dangerous word. Especially because it is only the very few watch brands that actually offers a true in-house movement.

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Nearly everyone is occasionally assailed by nostalgia. The sense of having lost something important or cherished and the longing for that item or time are perfectly normal emotions. A Rolex GMT from the 1980s is a reminder of a safe and careless youth, daydreams about – undoubtedly – magnificent adventures, the complete absence of disillusionment. The watch houses cleverly respond to such emotions by reissuing yesterday's hits in a “remix”.

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Win a ticket for the 25th SIHH watch show


As you may know it is only very few journalists that are invited to the SIHH watch show in Geneva. But you could be one of those selected few, if you enter this competition as the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie is offering ten tickets to not only enter the show, but also to take part in a watchmaking workshop.

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Breaking the laws of watch-making

TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon

2014 was turbulent year a for TAG Heuer. Not only did Jack Heuer leave the company, which his family founded in 1860. Stéphane Linder, who took over the helm from Jean-Christophe Babin 18 months ago, also left the company after 21 years of employment. And on top of that Jean-Claude Biver took over from Linder, claiming that TAG Heuer should be stronger in the lower price segment.

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