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Kristian Haagen loves watches. So much that he can’t stop talking about them. He has been a timegeek since he was ten years old. Never good at playing soccer he turned to the windows of his local watch maker and fell in love with the horological industry. He has written four books on watches, has published thousands of watch related articles in International media and works as watch estimater for auction house Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers.

Hermès Montre Dressage L’heure Masquée Limited


I always wear a watch and I tend to do so for the rest of my life. Of course once life is getting closer to the inevitable and time becomes more of a countdown than useful time indicator I will not wind my watch, but instead enjoy the wonderful finish of the case, the spectacular dial work and the handcrafted movement with rich decoration.

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That day Mark popped by…


When people ask me what working in the auction business is like I usually respond in a grumpy old fart manner: "It's alright when the auction is actually on. The rest of the time it is just hard work". Yesterday though the hard work seemed slightly less hard when a sweet Omega Speedmaster Mark II from 1971 with cal. 861 arrived from it's original owner.

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Recycling the Minis


So what do you do if you want to start up a new watch company today? Do you buy a 200 year old watch company that died during the quartz crisis and throw in 100 million euro in advertising to bring it back alive?

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Richard Mille – the Jack Nicholson of horology


Richard Mille calls his watches “a racing machine on the wrist”. A tagline undoubtedly inspired by not only his personal interest in fast cars (Mille often races his own Lola from 1970), but also his interest in exotic materials used in i.e. the F1 industry. Your correspondent would now offer an extension to that tag line: “A racing machine on the wrist that makes otherwise reasonable people stop and gawk, want to make friends with you or upgrade your hotel room”.

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The talented turtles


Admittedly, I have the hots for the rather spectacular IWC Aquatimer of bronze, ref. 3795-03. IWC really hit Bull's Eye with their introduction of bronze with this new model. It is no secret that many of the competitors have long embraced the use of this fascinating material, but this should not be considered a disadvantage for IWC. Au contraire. There is nothing wrong in being a slow-mover, when the end product turns out so well as the ref. 3795-03.

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