In retrospective: the legendary Rolex Oyster

0024 WatchWorld looks back to the past, when innovative watches were being created that proved to have great influence on the development of the watch industry. We follow the trail of these milestones by reminiscing with the use of old advertising campaigns. In this twelfth episode we would like to take you back to 1935, when Sir Malcolm Campbell was setting speed records in his Bluebird, wearing a Rolex Oyster on his wrist.
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Rolex Air-King or Tudor Heritage Black Bay?

With the introduction of the Heritage Black Bay in 2012 Tudor hit the bull’s-eye. In one fell swoop the sister brand of the mighty Rolex stopped being a producer of wallflowers and instead became the manufacturer of a desirable diver’s watch that captured all eyes. All the commotion surrounding Tudor drew away attention from the stoically operating Rolex. Has Tudor become cooler than Rolex?
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Visiting the Rolex headquarters: report from the Oyster

It's a lot easier to obtain a visa for North Korea than to book a fully organised trip to the head office and production facilities of Rolex. Even more, you can't actually organise this trip yourself; only when it pleases Rolex will the gates be opened and outsiders admitted. Rolex was recently disposed to invite 0024 for a revealing look at the tightly closed world of the Oyster.
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Editor's opinion

Do you choose a watch for life?

And suddenly there was the question that arose during a discussion with a befriended watch journalist. That intriguing thought and consideration: do you select a watch the same way you choose a life partner? That choice may be conscious or subconscious. It may be based on the head or the heart. In the blink of an eye or after careful deliberation, but the question remains the same.
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No logo needed for true luxury

Recently, it has been said and read that products that flash the makers' logo in big fonts and repeatedly on their products ​are facing a grim future. A new generation of influential shoppers seem​s​ to have had enough walking around like ​human billboards - which for certain brands sounds like bad news. But not for the makers of ​really iconic products. The Hermès Birken bag is easily recognized metres away, but would anyone recognise a Louis Vuitton bag without the LV-logos plastered all over it?
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Editor's opinion


Watchspotting is my thing and I do it all the time and wherever I am. When I'm watching TV - I spot Charlie Sheen wearing a Patek Philippe in a repeat of Two and a Half Man and I find myself chuckling, not at the corny jokes but because of the fact that I'm spotting a Patek - when I'm eating in a restaurant - to the serious displeasure of my dinner companion who is feeling neglected - when I'm on a plane - the fellow passenger can feel eyes on him, but strangely enough on his wrist rather than the back of his neck.
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