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Opinions are like onions, but we really don’t have a clue why. All we know is that our editors all have their own personal view at watches, brands and the industry. In our Timegeeks section you find personal insights, melancholic recollections and other random thoughts and opinons.

Just like tulips from Amsterdam

If something seems too good to be true it probably is. For example, no one takes a Patek Philippe Nautilus for sale on eBay for a few thousand euro seriously: it's either fake or stolen. But economic bubbles are something we can only see afterwards. Strange, that. Year after year the Swiss watch industry has been realising record turnovers. The big groups took the lead and new, small watch brands followed in their wake and the prices went up and up.

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The Game Changer

I apologise if you think you have recently read the headliner before. Maybe because you recently read an article or press review of the new Piaget Polo S. A new watch that is named precisely that: The Game Changer.But what is a game changer in the watch world? Well, Piaget calls their new Polo S a game changer. Not only because it is their first watch of steel in decades. But also because the Polo S is priced very compatible compared to…well, pretty much any watch from Piaget the last ten years or so.

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When old is the new new

I guess you have heard it already. The Swiss watch exports are suffering. Hong Kong and Macau are paralyzed and the Swiss manufacturers are stunned by export numbers that are as low as they were in midst of the financial crisis in 2009. The novelties on offer at Basel World 2016 did reflect on the slump and several of the luxury watch brands offered more steel watches that before. Often with complications which we have seen before only in precious metal, but at a much lower price due to the metal that is en vogue these challenging days.

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Primary colours, primal love

LM 1 Silberstein

Let’s go back to the late 1980s when Frenchman Alain Silberstein decides to give up his job as an interior designer to start his own watch brand together with his wife, Sylvie. Silberstein’s watches are like birds of paradise among sparrows. Primary colours and clear geometric shapes, that reflect some of the Bauhaus philosophy as well, are the foundation of his watches. In-your-face watches that you either love or hate.

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Haute horlogerie feminization

Feminization of haute horlogerie

Within the IWC brand - with a largely male-dominated customer base - there was some surprise at the success of the mid-sized Portofino model on its release. Women adored the watch, and sales climbed rapidly. This year was the turn of a mid-sized pilot's watch, the advertising video showing a professional female wrist in amongst the uniformed pilots. The brand’s conventional collections have featured many models with a very feminine design, which was carefully emphasized in their presentations.

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Value for money whirlwind initiated by TAG Heuer?

Heuer-02T Tourbillon

With its Heuer-02T Tourbillon, TAG Heuer makes the statement that for many years now everyone has been paying far too much for a tourbillon - not that 40,000 euro is a sinecure - and that building such a complication isn't as hard as it is purported to be. TAG Heuer puts the tourbillon under bright fluorescents instead of giving it flattering atmospheric lighting and soon everyone will be awake; wide awake. And then? Then I want a minute repeater for under 10,000 euro

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