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Last of a kind: the MB&F LM1 Final Edition

MB&F LM1 Final Edition

It’s been six years since MB&F launched the Legacy Machine N°1 (LM1) series in 2011, establishing a second collection of tradition-inspired Legacy Machines alongside our radical Horological Machines. Round cases, white lacquer dials, Roman numerals, classic finishing… MB&F took the familiar codes of traditional watchmaking and, together with watchmaking gurus Jean-François Mojon and Kari Voutilainen, introduced three world firsts with LM1: the suspended “flying” balance wheel; fully independent dual time displays; and the vertical power reserve indicator. Traditional mechanisms, placed in modern configurations.

Collectors approved. Over those six years, about 435 LM1s will have been manufactured, making it MB&F’s  most prolific ambassador besides the emblematic HM3. The LM1 has appeared in red gold, white gold, platinum and titanium, in faces of blue, grey and green. It has also generated two Performance Art pieces, our collaborations with artists. Convention dictates that you don’t fix what ain’t broke… The MB&F LM1 Final Edition overturns convention by taking its last bow just as the Legacy Machine collection gains ever more acclaim and momentum. WHY? Simply because it is only by ending production of existing pieces that MB&F is able to go on to future challenges, keeping the creative spark that comes with a compact organisation.  The MB&F LM1 Final Edition therefore brings the LM1 series to a close.

A few special features

A stainless steel case. A first for LM1, and a metal you don’t find often in our Horological lab; there has been a single previous occasion. Steel will remain a very rare exception at MB&F – look for it in future Final Editions. • A dark brown face. The launch of the last LM1 may be a bittersweet celebration for some — we pinpoint the colour at 85-percent dark chocolate – since the edition is limited to only 18 pieces. • A new balance bridge, cambered and tapered in the style we introduced with the LM101 and LM Perpetual.

Retail price of the LM1 Final Edition is CHF/USD 79,000 + VAT.

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