Linde Werdelin 3Timer: the one that got away

Maybe you had a crush on that special one when you were a kid. But never made your move to let her know that your heart should belong to her. Maybe you told yourself “one day she will be mine”, but due to shyness and lack of confidence never made her realise you were the one for her. And then finally that fine one day you found your inner strength and asked if she would like to dance at a local ball, the neighbour son already had her hand in his and she had even a smile on her face. I tried that. However the childhood crush was a watch. And I was way beyond my teens.

Since 2006 I have been following the Danish watch brand Linde Werdelin closely. Not just because we share the same nationality, but most certainly because I have always been a fan of their rugged design. Since day one Linde Werdelin has been all about very limited editions, starting with the Founder’s Watch that was made in 222 pieces, split between 9 different executions. Of course all pieces were sold out within two shakes of a lambs tail and this also accounts for many of the later models, not least the very cool 3Timer.

The Watch For The Cosmopolitan

linde-werdelin-3timer-the-one-that-got-away-frontThe 3Timer was a watch made for the modern cosmopolitan, offering reading of not just one or two, but three different timezones via the fourth central hand and the turning bezel with 24 hour indications. See if you know a little about the watch brand you will know that they are not big on turning bezels. Instead they offer that kind of reading from either The Reef or The Rock that is a detachable digital instrument means for water sports or skiing, to name just a few. This watch was for me the coolest model in the Linde Werdelin collection when it was launched back in 2009. And as any other Linde Werdelin it was limited. When the 3Timer was launched I already owned two other pieces from Linde Werdelin and needed to save some cash in order to be able to fund a third purchase. But the 3Timer with the amazing brown solar pattern dial sold out extremely fast leaving me like the boy at the school boy who saw his crush dance to a different tune, so to say.

Old Is Gold

Some people claim getting old is not so cool. That claim is true when it comes to nocturnal peeing and back aches, but not when talking watches. The horological plat du jour has vintage watches on top of the menu in your favourite restaurant – and Linde Werdelin knows this very well. This not least illustrated by their LW Vintage online shop that offers a fine collection of their older collection, offered by collectors who want to purchase a newer Linde Werdelin. And what better place to offer a vintage piece than from the manufacturer itself.

Enough Of The Blabbering

Inspired by not only their spectacular past but probably also had enough of my constant blabbering about The One That Got Away, Morten Linde and Jørn Werdelin aka The Founders of Linde Werdelin, recently contacted me asking if I would be interested in a relaunch of the 3Timer with brown dial. How could I say no?! That is better than having that last dance with a child hood crush. It is more like having a Jennifer Aniston call you up asking to sleep with her, not just talking a one night stand either. So, basically, what I wanted to tell you is that Linde Werdelin is again offering the amazing 3Timer with brown dial. But beware; it is limited to 33 pieces. And you don’t want to miss out. I most certainly won’t as I am not only older and wiser, but also already living with my lifetime crush. Watch this video, Morten Linde and Kristian Haagen talk about the Relaunch.


Kristian Haagen

The author Kristian Haagen

Kristian Haagen loves watches. So much that he can’t stop talking about them. He has been a timegeek since he was ten years old. Never good at playing soccer he turned to the windows of his local watch maker and fell in love with the horological industry. He has written five books on watches, has published thousands of watch related articles in International media and works as a freelance estimater for Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers.