0024 WatchWorld

Our magazine reveals all there is to know about the fascinating world of ‘haute horlogerie’. It covers a diverse range of topics: the latest models, background stories, in-depth interviews with designers and watchmakers. We have reinvented ourselves to serve our readers in a different and better way. Starting this year the new 0024 is again better equipped to interact with the changing world of high-end watches. The new magazine will be at least a 200 pager: that’s twice the volume of our magazine in the old days. In 2017 two editions of 0024 WatchWorld will be published. Our completely revamped magazine is much more in-depth, opinionated and observant. 0024 stands for a strong focus on original and unique story angles, revealing background stories, thorough reports and interviews and captivating photo shoots. The content plus the new look and feel represent the same artisanal qualities cherished in the world of haute horlogerie. Meanwhile the daily dose of essential watch news will be published online.

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