Year of the Monkey: a monkey watch business

Ulysse Nardin honors the monkey with the Cheerful Year of the Monkey timepiece, the latest addition to its Classico Collection. The dial is designed in a comic book-like style to best capture the lively character of the monkey who appears to leap through a brush of palm fronds. His expression is alert, his body lithe and the early workings of an impish grin begin to emerge.
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Watch of the Year

European Watch of the Year 2014: the winning watches!

The results of 0024 European Watch of the Year Awards 2014 have been announced! The panel of five judges, consisting of expert and passionate watch aficionados and professionals Sid Vasili, Charlotta Eriksson, Kirsten Kilby, Lex Stolk and Chairman Harry Wijnschenk has chosen the following watches:
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