Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe laat historie leven

Patek Philippe 5905/1A-001
Dit najaar presenteert Patek Philippe drie chronografen, waarmee de competentie van de onderneming uit Genève op het gebied van mechanische tijdmeting wordt benadrukt. Patek Philippe 5905/1A-001 Twee van de drie nieuwe modellen zijn blikvangers dankzij de veel geziene kleur groen. Om te beginnen de voor het eerst in staal uitgebrachte
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Read these five very handy auction pointers

Like us, you probably read about one record auction price after another. About rare Rolex and Patek Philippe pieces that dazzle collectors, about the renewed attention for old Heuer chronographs or about the German brand A. Lange & Söhne that is increasingly stealing the show at auctions. Refuse to get caught up in the hype. Keep calm and read the following five handy auction pointerss.
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Not your average Nautilus

This Patek Philippe Ref. 5711 Jumbo Nautilus in platinum with rubies is anything but an average Nautilus - if such a thing existed. This version is in the Patek Philippe books as Ref. 5711/112P-010. This rare copy, which was sold on 27 December 2014, is in perfect condition and, among
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