TAG Heuer


Alec Monopoly Disrupts Two Iconic TAG Heuer Models

TAG Heuer and Alec Monopoly
Renowned street-artist Alec Monopoly has done it again. With his instantly recognizable work, he has turned two of TAG Heuer's iconic designs into mobile art to be worn on the wrist. These two watches also mark the second anniversary of the collaboration between the artist and the Swiss watch brand. The collaboration started in 2016 during the prestigious Miami Contemporary Art Week.
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When watches resemble cars: Part II

Yesterday Part 1 of our insight report, today part II. People who like cars generally like watches and vice versa. The flowing simple design of a Ferrari 250 GTO can bring a car aficionado to tears. Same goes for a simple Patek Philippe Calatrava and a watch collector. But what happens when watch and car designs merge? Have you ever seen a car with the design of a watch?
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